Interesting how it’s called the Spring Semester but it always seems to start in the dead of winter.  That’s us right now, enjoying a snow day.  Snow days are nothing strange to Northwest Arkansas schools, but there is always something special about that first one.  The comforting thought that you don’t have to come to school on that day leads you back to the cozy confines of your warm bed, dreamland, and the inherent laziness that we all possess.  I certainly hope you enjoyed your day off, and even better, a long weekend.  Not to melt your snow, but what is missed, must be made up.  The first snow day is always special, the 10th… not so popular! 

Even though it’s the dead of winter now and the temps outside are in the teens, you will be amazed at how quickly the semester will pass.  Soon you will be thinking of concert assessment, solo & ensemble, command staff rehearsals, drum major & guard tryouts, spring concert, prom, and graduation.  The midwinter seems bleak but soon we’ll look out across those NWA mountains and see green trees and flowers in bloom.

Regarding the Spring semester, the WF Band spring rehearsal and performance schedule has been published.  Click on the link below for full details.

Now, as you probably heard earlier today, go back to bed, it’s a snow day!