Here the information you need to prepare for the 2017 TMB season. Pay particular attention to the rehearsal and performance schedules so you know what your time commitments will be.

  • We realize various appointments sometimes have to be made months in advance, and family emergencies are a fact of life.   We also realize there is inclement weather from time to time, people get sick, cars break down, and sometimes unusual and unexpected situations arise.  That’s life!  Excused absences in these types of situations are “no-brainers.”
  • Other situations that might cause you to be absent from band events can usually be worked out if you plan carefully.  These types of situations include after school jobs, transportation issues, child care issues, other school events, homework, wisdom teeth surgeries, getting braces on or off, vacations, custody situations, school clothes shopping, haircuts, etc.
  • As you and/or your parents schedule appointments or other commitments, please include this schedule in the process.  That’s what I do, it’s part of being responsible and respectful to your band family.  After all, that is one of the the things a person is supposed to learn by being in the band program – time management and planning skills.

Here is the TMB Early Week Schedule and After School Rehearsal Schedule throughout the season:

  • Tuesday, July 25 – Command Staff
    • This is the final leadership rehearsal of the season, and the command staff will have been announced by this time.  This is where we will set the stage for Early Week 2017.  This is a required rehearsal for all leadership.
  • July  31: Command Staff & New Members
  • August 1 – 4 & 7: Full Band, 8:00 – 3:00 pm
  • August 8 – 11:  Full Band Night Rehearsals  4 – 9 
    • We will spend this week learning the 2017 halftime drill.
  • August 14 – School Starts
    • From this point on we will follow our standard TMB rehearsal schedule.
      • Tuesdays from 3:30 – 5:30
      • Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:30

Percussion & guard will be working with their caption heads based on their respective schedules.

You can find more detailed information by checking out the following links.