Click on the topics below for general information about the West Fork Middle School Beginning Band.

At the beginning of the 2017 – 2018 school year, there will be a mandatory parent meeting for all students who are interested in doing the band program.

Beginning Band FAQ's

It’s Fun

  • Students can develop a lifelong appreciation for making good music with others!
Besides the music students also learn
  • Positive self esteem
  • Self discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Time Management

The band directors at West Fork School are Omar A. Taweel and Brent Parks.

Mr. Taweel is beginning his 25th year of service as director of bands at WF School.  He is proud to say that West Fork is still his first teaching job.  He holds  a BSE and MMED from the University of Arkansas.  Mr. Taweel is Immediate Past President of the Arkansas School Band & Orchestra Association.  Mr. Taweel has a sweet, cute wife named Katrenia.

Mr. Parks is beginning his 4th year in West Fork and also serves as the director of choral activities.  He also has a BME degree from Arkansas Tech University.  Mr. Parks has 6 years of teaching experience in his career.  Mr. Park’s wife is Kayla, a WF alum, and they have three children, Adam, Aven, and Everett.

Beginning band is a job that is bigger than two, so we are thankful for Cory Robbins, our percussion coordinator.

Mr. Robbins is a graduate of WFHS and holds a degree in Music Production from Full Sail University.  Mr. Robbins is the Computer Systems Administrator for the West Fork School district, and teaches and coordinates all levels of the percussion area.

The beginner band does not play at football or basketball games, or other events.  In fact, except for the Christmas and Spring Concerts, everything we do is during our regularly scheduled class time.  Normally there are no conflicts with other school activities.

The Christmas Concert is Sunday, December 11, 2016.

The Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

Solo & Ensemble is Friday, April 7, 2017.  It is not required but normally every student chooses to participate.

Touching lives in a positive way through music…

An instrument

  • We start beginners on flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and percussion

A Band Book

  • Tradition of Excellence – Book I
  • Bruce Pearson, Author
  • Neil A. Kjos, Publisher

Various Accessories

  • These are normally personally owned
  • These items are specialty items one would purchase in a music store
  • Oils, reeds, music book, etc.

For your convenience, and within reason, I will provide the necessary accesories your child needs.  Unless otherwise instructed, I will send you a bill in the mail.  All I ask is that you send in your payment in a timely manner.  This simply saves you a trip to the music store, and it prevents your child from nickel and diming you for reeds and small change stuff that I can take care of for you.

Beginning band is the key to it all.  The beginning band is the future of our program.  As your student progresses in our program you can expect:

  • Consistent first division ratings in marching and concert band
  • Students involved in all-region and all-state honor bands
  • Students seeking scholarships in college bands
  • Students who will seek careers in music

Practice makes better.  There are numerous resources available to help make practicing fun, while providing reliable feedback to help your child improve.

Ask your local band directors.  We have years of experience and quite honestly, we know what we’re doing.  If you have questions, we’ll give you an answer.  It will be the truth and in the best interest of your child.  Use us, your tax dollars are at work!

It is essential that beginning students start on an instrument that will allow them to be successful.  In determining this we look at the following:

  • Facial Features
  • Hand and Arm Size
  • Potential for physical growth
Although we think of band as an activity the students will be involved in throughout middle and high school, we realize this is utopian thinking, and some will leave our program.  To ensure a proper balance of instruments in each grade, we make sure to place enough students on every instrument to ensure the sections will be properly balanced from year to year.
We want every child to enjoy the instrument they are assigned to learn to play.  We listen to our students’ opinions yet advise them as to what is the best choice for them and the band program.
As the musical experts in West Fork, we believe in our abilities to place students on the right instruments that serve the band program and provide musical joy for the student over the time they are in our program.

Beg, buy, borrow, steal.  Ok, maybe not steal!

Seriously, there are numerous ways to find a usable instrument for your child to play.

You can…

  • Go to a band instrument store and rent or buy an instrument.

You can…

  • Borrow or buy one from a friend – it might need to go to the repair shop, the instrument, not the friend.

You can…

  • Buy one online – Careful, you can also find some real junkers out there.

You can…

  • Buy one from a pawn shop – It might need to go to the repair shop.

You can…

  • Tell me if you cannot afford something – I have ways of solving problems and making things work!
  • Buy a trusted brand
  • See the Trusted Instrument Brand link for a list of instrument brands we consider to be industry standards and the best bang for your buck.