Much like any product one might purchase, there are “name” brands and “generic” brands of musical instruments.  It is essential that beginning band students have a properly functioning, quality instrument.  This does not mean it has to be the most expensive or the least expensive.  It doesn’t have to be brand new, or somewhat new.  It simply needs to function like it is supposed to on a daily basis.  Almost every budget can afford some type of musical instrument if desired.  

The following instrument brands are what we call “trusted” brands.  They are industry standards and are readily available through music stores and online purchases.  Repair technicians can order parts and service these brands of instruments.  Certain “off” brands make this very difficult.  Please be very careful when seeking an instrument for your child.  Any questions, ask your band directors!

Trusted Brands 

Antigua, Armstrong, Artley, Bach, Benge, Besson, Bundy, Blessing, Conn, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Getzen, Holton, King, Ludwig, Noblet, Omega, Pearl, Selmer, Stephanhouser, Vito, Yamaha